Ice Land Rink

Totsicles and Tot Stars


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Welcome to our weekday, daytime tot classes here at Ice Land! We can't wait to teach you and/or your children and help you all fall in love with the ice just as we did many years ago!

Totsicles is Learn-to-Skate level classes held on Thursday mornings from 10-11:30a, consisting of Tot 1-4 classes.

Tot Stars Skate and Create is held on Tuesday mornings at 10a, consisting of Level 1 & 2. Level 1 is for those who have never skated before and Level 2 for those who have skated before and move freely on the ice without assistance. Class consists of a half hour of on ice 'instructional' time including game play, songs, marker play and light skill work, a half hour of optional play and practice time on the ice and a half hour of craft and story time off the ice. 

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